Here is that quote on the false solution to the problem of exchange put forward by marginal utility theory. It's from the reification section of History and Class Consciousness (1923): "Marx acutely summed up this situation with reference to economics when ...Read More

I confess that if Tom and Richard hadn’t mentioned it, I would not probably have given any further thought on the issue of productive vs. unproductive labor in Marx. Robert and I discussed about it. I made some research, and I ...Read More

This entry from A Dictionary of Marxist Thought (Tom Bottomore ed., 2nd ed.) does not really clear up the issue we looked at but it is a bit different from what I said this morning. It does not address the ...Read More

Based on our discussion on the labor theory of value against both classical political economy and modern marginalist theories I post this link to a Paul Krugman piece from the NYT Magazine earlier this year. In it you can see ...Read More

That quote of Althusser is indeed one of my favorites: "as there is no such thing as an innocent reading, we must say what reading we are guilty of." George, I am very glad that you share our enthusiasm for ...Read More