Here is that quote on the false solution to the problem of exchange put forward by marginal utility theory. It's from the reification section of History and Class Consciousness (1923): "Marx acutely summed up this situation with reference to economics when ...Read More

Maybe as a way to stay closer to the schedule we could keep up on this site. For next week, before taking on chapter 3, we should get through the discussion of the relative and equivalent form—as well as the ...Read More

We talked about concluding by working out the difference between Robinson and the peasant. Marx says that the medieval relations are what they appear to be--they are more direct personal relations and appear as such. Another way to put this ...Read More

While the point of the chapter is to lay out the terms that govern capitalist society, I think we can spin out much of the chapter by continuing our Robinson Crusoe discussion. Marx started by asking how exchange was possible, ...Read More